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SAP Concur Travel and Expense Deployment Specialist

SAP Concur Travel & Expense Implementation Specialist

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Business Optimisation

With 20+ years experience managing Travel & Expense categories in various industries and having been lucky enough to have worked directly for SAP implementing multiple Concur deployments. I set up DACx Consulting in February of 2018 as a Freelancer to help organisations deploy Business Transformation and Optimization Programmes. 

Managing expenses is often a challenge for any organisation: from reporting to statutory compliance and tax implications. End-users can also frequently complain about the pain-points and delays on getting 'their expenses paid' as they will feel expenses are a 'chore' at the best of times!  I can help you with strategy and getting that much longed for clarity on your global expense programme.

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How can I help your business?

No one likes listening to their employees complain about booking travel and claiming expenses. Sometimes online tools can be hard to navigate if they have not been designed to fit your business model and employees don’t like wasting their time on this activity. Who can blame them - they want to get on with more important activities and to be honest, so do you.

If you use SAP Concur you could be long overdue for a health check to see where you might require enhancements.  As a Concur expert, I can help with that. Are you going through a Business Transformation where optimising your expense solution is on your 'wish list'? Are you looking at a new Travel Provider and Payment Solution programme and not sure how well they will integrate with your other core systems? Looking to update your Travel & Expense Policy? That’s where I can help.

I can undertake the due diligence and do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you leaving you to focus on your day job! Sound good?... Let’s talk…….

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